Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Osama wanted to sell poisoned cocaine in US

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New York: Nearly a year after 9/11, Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden had plotted to kill thousands of Americans by selling poisoned cocaine in the US.

Had his plan succeeded, the number of casualties would have been more than 9/11 casualties, said a report in the 'New York Post'. According to the paper, Osama was willing to spend tens of millions of dollars to finance the deal, but his plot failed when the Colombian drug lords, whom he had approached, decided it would be bad for their business.

Bin Laden hoped that large number of Americans dying from 'poisoned coke' would lead to widespread terror, said a source, adding that "They wanted to kill thousands of people -- more than the World Trade Center."

It further said that though the drug lords would have reaped millions of dollars as profits by selling cocaine to Osama, they knew that if the plan succeeded, it might effectively destroy the market for their coke in America for years.

The other reason the drug lords didn't agree to the deal, was their fear of retaliation from the US government once its citizens started to die from the drugs, the paper added.

According to the paper, the Federal Bureau of Investigation sleuths had the information that Osama had personally met leaders of a Colombian drug cartel in 2002 to negotiate the purchase of cocaine, but didn't make it public.

However, the place where Osama met the drug lords could not be known.

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Blogger Busty Wilde said...

OMG that is SO fucked up. That's almost like the basis of a future urban legend.

7/27/2005 10:18:00 PM  

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