Sunday, August 14, 2005

Marijuana harvest time, ready or not


Maybe it was the late season rains, or maybe authorities are looking extra hard, but there seems to be a lot more marijuana growing in Humboldt County this year.

In just three days of raids in the county, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department’s Drug Enforcement Unit and the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting have already confiscated and destroyed more marijuana plants this season than all of last year’s CAMP season.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Wayne Hanson said the gardens were all located by himself and a deputy. When they were all marked in a Global Positioning System, CAMP was called in for the equipment and manpower.

A Sheriff’s Department press release stated 20,400 plants were found between Aug. 8 and Aug. 11. Last year, 15,809 plants were found during the entire CAMP season.

In 2003, 9,553 plants were found and confiscated during the entire CAMP season.

Over the three days this year, 48 gardens were found. One garden in Eel Rock had more than 10,000 plants in it. Other gardens were found in Blocksburg, Larabee Valley, Dean Creek, Alderpoint and Old Harris.

A quad runner was found in one of the gardens in Dean Creek and confiscated.

No one was reported arrested and all of the cases are under investigation.


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