Friday, September 16, 2005


The Mirror

KATE Moss slipped into a semi-conscious daze after smoking too much "skunk" cannabis during a drugs session on the holiday island of Ibiza.

The 31-year-old model told friends she suffered a "whitey" - the sick and paranoid state brought on by the super-strong weed - last month.

During a night snorting cocaine and inhaling cannabis, mum-of-one Kate dismissed traditional dope as a feeble drug and confessed the effects of skunk on the mind were shocking.

In further startling revelations about the catwalk queen's life, our undercover team listened as she told how her former dealer has been sectioned for life after raping women while high on skunk.

The Croydon-born star said: "Weed isn't worth anything. Skunk is the worst. It turns you.

"Too much and you start seeing the Devil and everything.

"I tried it in Ibiza...I tried it in Ibiza...blimey, I hadn't had a whitey in years. I can't do skunk."

Kate, exposed as a cocaine abuser by the Mirror yesterday, blurted out details of her drug experiences as she chatted with boyfriend Pete Doherty and friends during a recording session of his Babyshambles band in a West London studio.

In between hoovering up lines of the white powder off a CD cover, she told of her teenage dealer's rape attacks. With a tightly rolled up £5 in her hand and her nostrils just inches away from the cocaine, Kate said: "Two of my friends have been sectioned...three of them. One of them for ever."

The band's drummer Adam Ficek asked: "F*** me. What did he do?"

Explaining how the youngster: was out of his mind on skunk - which is at least 10 times stronger than conventional cannabis - Kate replied: "He raped his sister. He was f*****g...."

Stunned Adam said: "If he'd a spliff he wouldn't have done that."

Kate: "No, not a spliff. Idiot. He tried to rape his sister, then they put him in a home and then he did rape two girls."

Adam: "Skunk can't make you do that." Kate: "Too much skunk can do that."

Adams: "Silly to put someone like that in a mixed ward."

Kate: "It's awful. He's only 17. I've known him since he was six. He used to come and deal with his sister."

Medical research has revealed Skunk can trigger serious psychotic episodes, including hallucinations and paranoid delusions.

Kate then snorted another line of coke - just 30 seconds after her last one. As she carefully cut lines of the Class A drug with a credit card from a stash in her handbag, cannabis was passed around the group.

Perched on the edge of a black leather sofa, the £30million model cheerfully chatted about her two-year-old daughter Lila Grace.

Wearing high-heeled black boots, blue denim shorts and a low cut vest top, she laughed and joked on the sofa with one of 26-year-old Doherty's trusted friends, known only as Ali.

The pair talked about drugs. Ali was first in the queue for the cocaine and snorted at least four lines before passing the CD back to Kate.

Another of Doherty's oldest friends, Aki, drunkenly downed bottles of Stella in a back room of the studio.

The atmosphere became relaxed as the effects of a long night of drinking and drugs took hold.

Kate then spoke to former Clash guitarist Mick Jones - producer of the Babyshambles album - who was out of earshot.

She chopped more lines from her large stash of cocaine and shouted: "Mick, do you want one?"

With the drug now coursing through her body, Kate began laughing more and more raucously.

She joked with Adam about track seven on the group's demo album being the best - because the next line of coke to be snorted off the CD lies over the title of that song.

Giggling Kate said: "Track seven it will be on."

She creased up with laughter as Adam replied: "Track seven has got to be the strongest track."

Kate took more drags of her cigarette. When the CD was passed back to her she was delighted not all the cocaine was used. She said: "Oh yeah. There's more on there."

The model arranged another meeting with the group on her return from New York.

As they mulled over the details, she excitedly nodded her head, swaying to music belting out around the studio, and said: "I'm so up for it. I'm like the Queen... seriously when I get back from New York."

As the party went on late into the night, Kate and Adam were joined by a scruffy-looking Doherty, who was slurring his words following his drink and drugs binge.

Adam tried to convince Kate he used human skulls as percussion instruments on the new album.

Doherty joined in the ruse, and told his lover: "It's going on the album cover, 'skulls by Adam'."

Stunned Kate replied: "Human skulls? Human skulls? What do you mean, human skulls?"

Adam calmly explained: "We went to the cemetery over the road. Yeah, we dug them up."

Kate is now deeply shocked. She said: "What do you mean, you dug the skulls up? How did you get them?" Doherty chipped in: "Years ago. We took rings off their dead bodies."

Confused Kate slowly got to grips with the joke being played on her. She retorted: "You can't dig up... Such a liar."

Kate laughed at being the butt of their joke but quickly wanted to get back to the cocaine. She said: "Do you want me to do it for you?"

Yet again she started to carefully undo the wrap of powder which she kept tucked in her handbag.

She scooped the drug on to the CD cover using a corner of the credit card before returning the wrap to her bag.

During the frenzied 40-minute session - revealed in yesterday's Mirror - Kate snorted cocaine as she cut and chopped up to 20 lines of it.


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