Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Felafel with side of heroin snuck into Hadera jail

Jerusalem Post

A 28 year-old Nazareth resident tried to find an original way of giving his brother-in-law a special treat - in the form of smuggling heroin into the cell in which he was being held at the Hadera police station.

The man ostensibly brought his brother-in-law a pita filled with felafel and salads but inside police also found a nylon-covered ball containing 17.2 grams of heroin.

The discovery was made after the officer on cell duty at the station late on Sunday night decided to conduct an extensive check of the felafel pitta.

"We have had many cases of people trying to smuggle drugs through various means to suspects who have been remanded in custody awaiting trial," said Ch.-Supt. Moshe Weizman, spokesman for the Coastal District.

"This was an innovative attempt that was picked up by the duty officer but it won't be the first or the last. We learn from every incident and take measures accordingly," he said.

The suspect who tried to smuggle the drugs to his brother-in-law was arrested on the spot and is to be brought to trial.


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