Thursday, November 03, 2005

Lehi Child Given Cocaine At 'Trunk Or Treat'


LEHI, Utah
"Trunk or treat" gatherings are supposed to be safe way for kids to treat or treat on Halloween. But now a drug investigation is underway after parents found cocaine in their daughter's candy basket.

On Halloween night costumed devils and angels and everything in between terrorize their neighbors, asking for sugary delights. Several communities congregate in parking lots, their trunks and tailgates take the place of their front door. These “trunk or treat” events are supposed to be a safe way to take kids trick or treating.

An LDS church parking lot in Lehi was packed with cars and people Monday night as little kids went from trunk to trunk to get candy. When one little girl returned home, her parents couldn't believe what they found in her basket.

"All I did was just dump it out," the girl’s mother told 2News. “…just to see if nothing looked suspicious."

It started out innocently enough for this Lehi mother who did not want to be identified. She was routinely sorting through Snickers, Smarties and suckers when she saw something out of place.

“I found this little vile off to the side,” said the mother. "I kind of just stared at it thinking ‘Is this really what I think it is?’”

Sure enough it was. The vial was inside a small plastic bag, and inside the vial – cocaine.

"We went there thinking it would be safer, well lit, people we know, families, kids not going to strangers houses," said the woman.

"It’s very upsetting to me because of the kid factor," said Lehi Police Chief Chad Smith. He said he'd never seen anything like it. But Smith believed the cocaine may not have been intended for a trick or treating.

"I think it was somebody's stash that got picked up with the candy bowl and hauled out to the trunk and treat by accident,” said Chief Smith. “Because do you ever know of a druggy yet that would give up their drugs? Never. They'd give up their mother before they give up their drugs."

Now it would seem not even trunk or treats are necessarily safe.

"I'm grateful I went through it because if I didn't she could have thought it was some Harry Potter candy," said the Utah County mother.

Police say this is a very difficult case to get a suspect on because there were so many people at the church parking lot with so many different kinds of costumes on.

If anyone knows anything about the case they are asked to call the Lehi Police Department.


Blogger Busty Wilde said...

First of all, trunk or treat? That sounds retarded. Secondly, I take issue with the cop who said "they'd give up their mother before they give up their drugs." That too is retarded. I wouldn't give up my mother just for drugs. I'd keep my mom and just get drugs later or something.

11/07/2005 11:34:00 PM  

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