Thursday, December 22, 2005

Police discover 14 kilos cannabis, counterfeit credit cards
By Ruth Davies

A 30-year-old Egyptian man will be arraigned in court on Friday after he was caught in possession of 14 kilos of cannabis resin on Thursday at 0300CET. The drug haul is one of the largest Malta has ever witnessed. The man will be charged with drug possession which was not intended for his exclusive and personal use. A Maltese man is also being detained in connection with the case. In a separate case, counterfeit credit cards were discovered in a raid carried out by police in a Bulgarian man's residence.

The cannabis was discovered in the Egyptian man’s car on Thursday at 0300CET in Rabat. The man is a Maltese resident. 59 bars of cannabis were seized in all.

Duty Magistrate Dr. Padovani Grima was informed of the case and appointed various experts to assist in an inquiry.

Police investigations are being led by Inspector Hubert Theuma and the Anti-Drugs Police Squad.

In turn, police are also investigating a number of plastic cards used to extract money from money dispensing machines installed outside banks. A 34-year-old Bulgarian man who resides in Malta has been arrested in connection with the case after a raid carried out in his residence led to the discovery of the raid counterfeit plastic cards along with a substantial amount of money in both the local Lira currency and the Euro currency. The police had been observing the man's movements for a number of days.

Three computers were also seized during the raid.

The man is being detained for further investigations and is expected to be arraigned in court in the upcoming days.

Investigations are being carried out by the Police Against Economic Crimes and the Anti-Drugs Police Squad.


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