Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bad Trip to the Seaside

The Daily Record

Ordeal after pet dog eats cannabis

A DRUG-CRAZED puppy went berserk after wolfing down a lump of cannabis.

Black labrador Molly gulped the hash resin after finding it during a beach walk.

And three hours later, she had to be rushed to the vet after having a terrifying fit while owner Michelle Thomson looked on helpless.

Michelle said: "She was dropping her head and her eyes were rollin. Her hind legs were paralysed. I was hysterical. If I hadn't checked on her, she probably would have died."

At the Town and Country Veterinary Group surgery, in Aberdeen, Molly became super-sensitive to light, noise and movement near her.

She then went berserk, tearing out her drip and throwing herself around a kennel.

Council worker Michelle, 41, said: "She is normally a very passive dog but when she was tripping, she snapped at the vet and threw herself at the walls."

Vet Clair Gale added: "It is most likely that Molly was suffering from a drugs intoxication.

"It was like a bad trip for Molly. The dog was unaware of what was happening. It must have been very distressing for her.

"Dogs have different metabolisms to humans, so drugs have very different effects on them.
"By her behaviour, it was probably cannabis.

"She was manic and could easily have hurt herself or someone else.

"But she is now back to her happy, bouncy self.

"We are going to take other blood samples from her to make sure there's no organ damage.
"She doen't appear to have any brain damage.

"The poor wee lass must have felt like she'd done 20 rounds with Mike Tyson."

Michelle, who lives in the Footdee area of Aberdeen, said: "Molly is only nine months old. She is curious so she goes for everything."


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