Monday, February 06, 2006

Half of buyers pay late for medical marijuana

London Free Press

OTTAWA -- Like any dope dealer, Health Canada has its share of marijuana customers who just don't pay their bills.

But unlike street pushers, it forgoes tire irons and switchblades to recover its bad debts in favour of stern letters and collection agencies.

As of last month, 127 people authorized to buy government-certified marijuana for medical problems were in arrears, with bills unpaid for more than 90 days.

That's almost half the 278 patients who now get Health Canada marijuana or seeds, most of them buying 30-gram bags of ground buds for $150. A package of 30 seeds goes for $20.

Patients in arrears owe $168,879 to Health Canada for medical marijuana, produced on contract by Prairie Plant Systems Inc. for Ottawa.


Blogger Kayaboy said...

Do you think that maybe they are too stoned to remember to pay? Maybe if they required payment up front there wouldn't be any problems.

2/06/2006 04:40:00 PM  
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