Wednesday, March 01, 2006

George Michael's friends beg him to give up smoking cannabis

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George Michael's friends are begging him to give up smoking cannabis.

Pals of the 'Careless Whisper' singer are worried about his alleged growing dependence of the drug, but he is refusing to turn his back on weed.

A source close to the star told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: 'It's affecting his concentration and obviously has a big impact on his lifestyle at the moment. 'He needs to stop smoking so much, in fact it would probably be better if he left the weed alone completely, and got himself looked at properly.'

Michael was arrested in the early hours of Sunday (26.02.06) after being found slumped over the wheel of his car, possessing class C drugs, and with a boot full of sex toys and gay porn.

The star is still waiting to find out whether he will be formally charged with any offence.

Friends blame the former Wham! frontman's recent behaviour on a heavy work load - finishing off a new album and the stress of planning his first tour since 1991.

One said: 'George has got to be totally focussed on his music and his work if this is to come off. 'He also needs to be physically fit to cope with a big tour and apart from anything else.

Smoking weed is bad of his throat and won't help his voice.'


Anonymous Matthew Storey said...

Weed, sex-toys and gay porn? THIS is news??? It is every bit as shocking as discovering that gorgeous female pop stars party without panties while in their twenties - NOT. Please stop the moralizing, this is only THEIR business regardless what they do for a living - this behavior is common everywhere in the world for celebs and ordinary folks alike. It is one thing to have a problem with needles and heavy drugs that grip your life, but being a pot-head (while it may be bad for his career) is surely not a threat to George Michaels LIFE and being into toys and sex is every adult's PERSONAL business.

Now, where did I put my bong and my dildo...I already took off my panties!!!!

1/05/2007 02:07:00 PM  

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