Friday, March 17, 2006

John Stockwell Helms "Kid Cannabis"

Dark Horizons

John Stockwell ("Into the Blue," "Blue Crush") will adapt and direct "Kid Cannabis," based on the real-life story of young Idaho suburbanites who built a multimillion-dollar marijuana ring reports Variety.

Stockwell optioned several articles about the illicit ring, including the 2005 Rolling Stone piece "Kid Cannabis: How a Chubby Pizza-Delivery Boy from Idaho Became a Drug Kingpin" by contributing editor Mark Binelli.

Binelli's article focused on Nate Norman, a 19-year-old from Coeur D'Alene who ran the operation with six friends. By the time they got arrested, they had sold $38 million worth of marijuana smuggled from British Columbia.

Stockwell, who is penning the script, will rely on Kevin Taylor's article "Dreaming in Green".


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