Thursday, April 06, 2006

Marijuana flavored candy banned in Alameda County

The Mercury News

Oakland, CA (AP) - The sale of marijuana flavored lollipops, gum balls and chocolates was outlawed in unincorporated parts of Alameda County.

The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to ban the sale of pot flavored candy made by Corona, Calif.-based Chronic Candy.

Though the candies with names like Hydro and Sticky Icky Buds get their flavor from legal hemp oil and do not contain marijuana's active ingredient THC, the board was concerned they might tempt children to try the real thing, said supervisor Nate Miley.

"Even though these candies don't contain marijuana, it's the idea of putting marijuana in a glamorous light that is inappropriate," Miley said Wednesday.

Violators would face misdemeanor charges and court injunctions. The board will review the legislation again next week. Barring a reversal, it will take effect at the end of April.

Chicago and Suffolk County, N.Y., have also adopted bans.


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