Monday, June 26, 2006

Cannabis tea goes on sale in UK

Brand Republic

London - An ice tea containing cannabis extract will go on sale in UK health food shops this week, targeted at the soft drinks market with the tagline 'Refreshment for the enlightened'.

C-Ice Swiss Cannabis Ice Tea, originally from Austria, is already very popular in mainland Europe. The narcotic element of the plant, THC, has been removed from the drink, making the product legal.

The company is marketing the product, first seen at the 2006 Bar Show in London, as a healthy soft drink and with the health benefits associated with the hemp plant, including vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

Harinder Kohli, C-Ice commercial director, said: "We are not keen to be a brand just based on cannabis.

"Our strapline is 'Refreshment for the enlightened', so if you are enlightened you will know about the health benefits of cannabis."

The £1.29 cans will be sold in health food shops and distributed by Marigold Health Foods and other health food distributors.

Point of sale activity, branded merchandise, promotions in clubs and a revamped website are planned in the near future.

The company currently has no plans to launch an advertising campaign because the PR surrounding the launch had "caught them by surprise and is creating more than enough interest".

By Joanne Oatts


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