Tuesday, June 06, 2006

End to Drug War Gaining Support?

Free Market News

President Vincente Fox of Mexico isn't the only world leader calling for an end to the war on (some) drugs. According to a story at Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country ("One War We Should Stop Fighting"), Canada is also considering the legalization of marijuana, while the drug laws passed in Switzerland a decade ago have resulted in an 80 percent decline in the number of addicts in that nation. "Maybe the war on drugs is a war we should stop fighting," Strieber concludes.

He also cites an article in the British paper The Independent, which notes that even charities treating addicts in the UK "are begging their government to decriminalize � and even legalize � heroin." He compares the Swiss experiment with decriminalizing heroin to the banning of cigarette smoking in major U.S. cities: "it made people who persisted in using these substances seem like 'losers' rather than glamorous rebels, meaning that social pressure worked where even draconian laws did not."

Libertarians, who have been stating this, along with the ethical part of the equation, for the last quarter-century or so, would hardly disagree.


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