Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Plumber Finds Drugs in Bathroom Vanity


Southwick, MA (AP) - For the fifth time in a week, a stash of drugs was found in a cabinet at a Home Depot store in Massachusetts or discovered after the fixture was brought home.

A plumber in Southwick discovered 40 pounds of marijuana and three kilograms of cocaine stashed in a bathroom vanity he'd purchased at a Home Depot in Chicopee.

A second stash was found at that store and at least two more were discovered at a Tewksbury Home Depot, Southwick Police Lt. David Ricardi said. One of the Tewksbury stashes was discovered June 8 after a homeowner brought home a cabinet and found 50 pounds of marijuana.

Police also found drugs in a fifth cabinet. Ricardi would not say where or when it was discovered but said it was within the last week.

"It's a smuggling operation gone bad," Ricardi said. "Somebody owes some money."

Ricardi said the plumber discovered the drugs on Monday after he bought the vanity for a home renovation. The man noticed the vanity top hadn't been included in the package and instead found two plastic bags containing the drugs. Ricardi said the drugs are worth $200,000.

Tony Pettigrew, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration, said Wednesday that his agency was investigating, but declined further comment.

Atlanta-based Home Depot said it was cooperating with investigators.


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