Sunday, June 04, 2006

Police: Suspect Answered Door While Smoking Marijuana

WTOV 9 Ohio

Police serving an arrest warrant on a Jefferson County man said he answered the door while smoking a marijuana cigarette.

David Johnson, of Second Street, Brilliant, was originally wanted for an assault which happened earlier Wednesday.

But when police arrived at his home, they were in for another surprise.

Wells Township police officer Sean Norman said police suspected drugs were being sold at the residence, but never expected the suspect to answer the door smoking the evidence.

Police then obtained a warrant to search the home, and soon recovered about 20 "well grown" marijuana plants growing in the basement, the main floor and the attic.

Steubenville police said Johnson was wanted for assaulting Thomas Schloss, his employer and owner of Choice Food Services.

Police said Johnson was upset about training another driver and swung an aluminum dolly at Schloss. Officers said the two men then went to the ground and Johnson punched Schloss several times in the face and went home.

Police found Schloss with multiple wounds, prompting them to issue a warrant for Johnson's arrest.

Johnson pleased no contest to the assault charges in Steubenville Municipal Court on Thursday. His drug case will be heard Friday.

Johnson's wife, Kelli, turned herself in to Wells Township police Thursday morning and will face the same drug charges as her husband.

Neighbors who saw police hauling the plants out couldn't believe their eyes.

Elizabeth Roe, who lives nearby, said, "This guy was a good guy. I wasn't expecting it from these people."

Roe questioned whether Johnson could be in even bigger trouble because of where his house is located -- just down the street from an elementary school.


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