Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Marijuana use ‘is highest in 30s’

The Border Mail

Australia - Marijuana use is highest among those aged in their 30s, while teenagers are taking notice of advertising campaigns warning of the drug’s harmful effects.

The statistics were used by the Federal Government’s drug policy adviser to highlight the work still needed to be done in the Government’s war on drugs.

“The interesting thing is that there are fewer young people smoking marijuana now,” John Herron said.

“It’s an older cohort.

“In fact, the main cohort is the 30 to 39-year-olds ... the dominant ones, who I think escaped that sort of era of being concerned about it.”

He said one of the problems was the availability of marijuana and the number of people who used it in association with other illicit substances.

“There’s something like a 40 per cent overlap in the sense that not only are they on marijuana, they might be taking ecstasy or amphetamines, drinking alcohol as well, and all this is contributing to things like road deaths.”


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