Monday, January 23, 2006

Heather Mills Stopped Paul McCartney's Use of Marijuana

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Heather Mills refused to marry Paul McCartneyunless he stopped smoking cannabis. The 37-year-old blonde said the former Beatleused the drug "as regularly as others drink cups of tea," but she gave him an ultimatum to ditch the drug or stay single. She told Britain's Daily Mail newspaper: "Him and (his first wife) Linda smoked it every day for the whole of their lives together. But I would not get married to him if he was taking drugs. I hate it."

Heather insists she introduced the ban for the sake of their daughter, two-year-old Beatrice. She added: "I could not have him lying to our child about not taking drugs and then going off for a sneaky puff. Fifty percent of people can smoke joints their entire life and be fine. But the other 50 percent, if there's a history of depression in their family or in their genes, then they cannot smoke marijuana."

The stunning blonde, who lost one of her legs in a motorcycle crash, also revealed she's always been clean and sober throughout her life. She explained: "I've never taken drugs in my life. One time at Ascot two models ran into the toilets and sniffed some cocaine off the cistern and I was totally shocked. I've never really drank either until I met Paul. I was recently drunk on two glasses of wine at a Christmas party. I'm a very cheap date."


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What a bitch, I would of told that bitch to go chase after someone else's bone. Sneaky puff, what?

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