Thursday, February 02, 2006

Moss flies out after cocaine probe

The Scotsman

Kate Moss flew out of Britain, 48 hours after being interviewed by police over allegations that she used cocaine.

Moss, 32, refused to speak to reporters before boarding a flight at Heathrow Airport bound for Miami, Florida.

Wearing a black top and mini-skirt under a beige coat, the unsmiling model kept her head down as she headed for the aircraft.

On Tuesday, she met detectives in London to discuss her alleged cocaine use, but was not arrested or charged with any offense.

The Daily Mirror in September published pictures allegedly showing Moss using cocaine in a west London music studio where her boyfriend at the time, rock musician Pete Doherty, was recording with his group Babyshambles.

Police said she was spoken to "under caution" for 80 minutes.

Police said they would eventually submit a file to prosecutors depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Prosecutors will eventually decide if any charges should be brought against Moss.


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