Monday, February 06, 2006

Teen turns in parents

The Cincinnati Post

A Boone County teenager -- who police say was fed up with his parents' pot-smoking lifestyle -- turned his mom and dad in to authorities over the weekend.

Boone County Sheriff's Department deputies arrested John Williams, 51, and his wife, Jennifer, 36, Friday at their home in Hebron after investigators said the couple's 16-year-old son told Boone County High School Resource Officer Rick White details of his parents' home-based, marijuana-growing operation.

"The 16-year-old son of these two ... says, 'I'm tired of the lifestyle. I'm tired of them growing dope in the house. I'm tired of them having dope in the house. And I'm tired of them using dope in the house,'" said sheriff's department spokesman Deputy Tom Scheben.

"To get a search warrant, though, we have to have detailed information. He provided that detailed information about what room they were growing dope and, he said, there are guns throughout the house."

The son's information about firearms in his home prompted investigators to call in the Boone County Sheriff's Department SWAT team to help safely execute the search warrant at the Williams' Mineola Pike home.

Scheben did not know what method of force, if any, was used to enter the Williams' home or if the couple offered resistance. However, Scheben said no one was hurt in the search or subsequent arrests.

Investigators confiscated 25 marijuana plants allegedly being grown inside the home. Deputies also seized cocaine, drug paraphernalia and a cache of weapons from the residence. Scheben did not know how many weapons were seized or what kind.

John and Jennifer Williams are charged with cultivating marijuana, possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Shortly after their arrests, the couple were released on bond.

Scheben said he had not received any information on whether the Williams' 16-year-old son or his 10-year-old brother were still staying with their parents following the parents' release from jail.


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"What have we told you about ratting us out? Go to your grow room!"

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