Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fetishist died in rubber suit

Life Style Extra

UK - A fetishist boiled to death after donning a rubber suit after taking a potentially fatal amount of cocaine, it was revealed today.

Robert Garnett, 35, died after his body temperature soared causing his brain to swell while wearing a 'gimp' suit made famous by the film Pulp Fiction.

Southwark Coroners Court heard that Mr Garnett died from hyperthermia, or overheating, which led to a cerebral oedema - excessive fluid on the brain.

Mr Garnett in the bedroom of his flat in Selway House, Lambeth Road, Lambeth, was found by police after his sister reported him missing from work.

PC Lee Clement, the first officer on the scene, said police received a call from Mr Garnett's sister Fiona on Sunday December 11 as she was concerned her brother had not been seen since the previous Friday.

Describing the scene after he broke into Mr Garnett's flat PC Clement said: "I could see the bedroom ahead of me with the door open. The scene appeared untidy. There was a double bed ahead of me and the room was in darkness.

"There was a large consuming body lying on its back on the bed. It's knees were raised and its feet were on the bed. I saw three sealable bags on the floor beside the body with white powdery residue inside."

Pathologist Dr Peter Jerreat examined the body the following day. He told the inquest: "I was informed that the man was due to meet up with family but had not done so. The police forced entry into the flat. The body of a slender male was examined.

"Cocaine and ketamine were found in the blood and traces of morphine were found in urine. The cocaine level was potentially fatal and there was a high level of ketamine.

"He died from severe pressure and oedema in the lungs. The rubber clothing caused excessive overheating leading to cerebral oedema and respiratory failure.

"The toxicology reports revealed a potentially fatal level of cocaine. In my opinion the effect of the rubber clothing caused hyperthermia.

"The contributory factor to his death was the presence of cocaine."

Detective Sergeant Paul Byrne told the inquest: "There was no suggestion of third party or criminal involvement."

The court heard Mr Garnett, a manager at McDonald's, had recently separated from his wife with whom he had had a four year old daughter.

Coroner John Sampson recorded a verdict of accidental death . He said: "The injury to the man was that of a cerebral and pulmonary oedema. This was partly arising from cocaine intoxication.

"After the alarm was raised by family and friends access to his home was obtained on December 11 2005 by police.

"He was found clearly deceased lying on his bed. Underlying this death is a drug use. This is an accidental death and I certify accordingly."


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