Tuesday, July 18, 2006

15 Arrested at Calif. Marijuana Clinics

Red Orbit

California (UPI) - Recent raids on marijuana dispensaries in the San Diego area have angered people who use the drug as medicine.

Federal and state law enforcement agencies arrested 15 people Thursday, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. On Friday, protestors gathered at the San Diego County Courthouse.

How can you bust people for breaking the law when there are no rules? asked Dion Markgraaff, one of the organizers of the protest. That's what everybody wants -- regulation.

Marijuana became legal in California for people whose doctors recommend it, after voters approved a referendum. But the federal government has refused to recognize medical marijuana, and the state law and regulations remain confusing.

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has said that she will continue to raid and close marijuana dispensaries.

Many people who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer or who have AIDS say marijuana relieves pain and allows them to have an appetite for food.


Anonymous Daniel E. Williams said...

I attended the NORML conference in San Francisco and was amazed and inspired by all the folks I met, especially those attendees who call marijuana medicine without sounding tongue-in-cheek. The genie is out of the bottle - and we all must do what we can to ensure the genie stays in the light of day. My small contribution is a book titled The Naked Truth About Drugs. Yes, this is a plug, but - surprise - bookstores refuse to carry it, and momma needs a new pair of shoes...

7/24/2006 08:23:00 AM  
Blogger Wes said...

Here’s an idea for a gripping documentary—District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis vowing to continue raids on marijuana dispensaries in California, contrasted with Loretta Nall, running for Governor of Alabama as a Libertarian, advocating the legalization of medicinal marijuana. Two women, contrasting viewpoints, high drama! Hollywood, are you listening?

Only one of them has a heart and a compassionate ear—sensitive enough to hear the cries of pain of cancer, AIDS, MS, and glaucoma patients who require an effective painkiller and antiemetic agent. A painkiller that is natural, not synthetic, with minimal side effects and is not addictive. Yes, contrary to government propaganda, marijuana is not addictive and you do not experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop smoking it.

The other one is in the service of the dark forces—the Drug Enforcement Agency and the conservative agenda for the U.S—and hasn’t been able to find her heart in years. She wants to close all marijuana dispensaries in order to make people suffer. She enjoys knowing that people are suffering—much like the Israeli high command or the Hezbollah “spiritual” leader, who urges more and more killing.

Instead of Bonnie and Clyde, you could call the movie “Bonnie and Loretta.” If you wanted to make it a pure drama, instead of a documentary, you could get Drew Barrymore to play Loretta, and Meryl Streep as Bonnie. After all, she just played the devil, wearing Prada.

California was the first state of the union to legalize medicinal marijuana by referendum in 1996. I should amend that statement. To re-legalize it, I should say. Marijuana was perfectly legal and widely used as medicine in the United States, prior to the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act.

The giants of the chemical industries, led by Dupont, manufactured a propaganda war against marijuana, in order to knock hemp out of the competition. Prior to that date, compressed hemp was used in car production, as well as in rope and canvas manufacturing. The chemical giants were launching plastics on a large scale, and they didn’t want hemp to dampen their market share.

So they played on people’s racial prejudices and invented the “reefer madness” stereotype of pot-crazed Negroes and Hispanics going on a rampage to rape white women. The ploy worked—America became paranoid, and with crooked politicians in their back pockets, the plastics industry was able to outlaw marijuana (and thus hemp, its closest cousin).

Richard Nixon joined the conspiracy in 1970, when he ordered his flunkies to pass the Controlled Substances Act, classifying marijuana as a Schedule One drug, alongside heroin. His motives were different. He was paranoid about the large numbers of young people (including soldiers in Vietnam) turning to pot and embracing the message of peace.

You have to remember that Woodstock had taken place just the year before, and that half a million young people marched on Washington in 1969, demanding peace. Also, the generals were telling him that his armed forces were becoming less and less reliable in a ground war, because they were so stoned all the time.

Nixon switched to a more easily controllable air war in Vietnam, and painted marijuana with the blackest brush possible. To this day, researchers are having trouble obtaining marijuana to conduct studies on the medical effectiveness of this healing herb, which has been used as such for centuries.

My name is Wes, and I’m a cancer patient. My wife’s name is Claire, and she suffers from excruciating migraines. We both use medicinal marijuana, with our doctor’s approval. I had trouble obtaining pure and powerful medicine, so I decided to grow my own. Please visit our website for the full story.

I set up a hydroponic grow room in the basement, next to my home office. All you need is a High Pressure Sodium light fixture with a couple of bulbs, a ballast, two powerful fans, white plastic sheeting on the walls, and a six-bucket ebb and flow system, which scientifically controls the amount of nutrients in a solution absorbed by the roots of your plants.

You also need the good folks at Advanced Nutrients Medical to give you invaluable advice on how to go about it and what to feed your plants. I chose 100% pure organic nutrients, such as the ones in Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom. I also inoculate my pot plants with Scorpion Juice, which helps prevent a whole array of pathogens.

Luckily, my cancer is in remission and my wife’s headache pain is manageable thanks to cannabis. I resent the fact that the feds could come after us anytime they chose, even though the laws of the state we live in say that our growing and using pot for medicinal purposes is perfectly legal.

The struggle continues and “Bonnie and Loretta” is probably being made into a TV-movie as we speak.

7/30/2006 09:51:00 AM  
Blogger 800 pound gorilla said...

The comment about "no rules" is right on.... about the drug war in general. Just go to the DEA website[http://www.doj.gov/doj] and find the Controlled Substances Act] and start looking for identifiable standards with regard to drugs and all you will find is "potential for abuse". This means that if someone in authority feels [can you say "judgment call without any guidelines"] that a drug can be deliberately misused and is likely to be misused [like say alcohol or extra strength Excedrin or Valium or Espresso] by an indeterminate number of people [again no guidelines] then it can be criminalized by an unelected high level political appointee.

With so much money at stake does anyone find it surprising that pharmaceuticals, doctors and insurance companies contribute heavily to political campaigns ranking in the top 5 for every major political leader - Demican or Republicrat. With so much money at stake is it surprising to find that upwards of half the money needed to promote the dangerous drugs mythology in schools, the mass media and on the internet is provided by pharmaceuticals. Remember: the term "rare but serious side effects" are only rare because the drugs have not been in wide use long enough to be anything but.

That said, I find it disingenuous of those promoting medical marijuana to deliberately leave the details about providing this "medicine" so ambiguous [can you say "just like the liars who bring us the drug war"?]. While it's tempting to applaud them for "fighting fire with fire" or rather fighting lies with lies, this strategy will only lead to more [let the drums roll] .... lies. Oh, what a tangled web... doesn't just apply to the legisliars who bring us eternal drug war, assault on freedoms and promotion of drug ignorance on a grand scale. Some of the good guys utilize these sleazy tactics too.

8/04/2006 07:21:00 AM  
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