Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Marijuana-grow operation found in underground boxcars

The News Review

An Azalea man was arrested for allegedly growing marijuana in a well-hidden, underground operation on his property.

The Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team found two buried rail car boxes and a large diesel generator while serving a warrant on the property of Jeffrey D. House Thursday and Friday, according to a press release. The underground grow rooms were covered by timbers and about a foot of soil. There was a hidden trap door which led to stairs down to the rooms.

It appeared the site had been in place for several years and was used to clone a particular breed of marijuana plants that are popular with other growers, according to a DINT press release.

There were marijuana leaves on the floor, but no plants were growing at the time the search warrant was served. DINT found 43 growing marijuana plants in other locations on the more than 100 acres, and there was indication that 180 plants had been harvested.

Jeffrey D. House, 47, was arrested for manufacture, delivery and possession of marijuana, and possession of hashish. DINT also seized the diesel generator, and excavator, a pickup and an ATV. DINT also located scales, dried marijuana, hashish and a large number of firearms.

House is lodged at the Douglas County Jail.


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