Monday, March 06, 2006

LSD test man will not sue

The Daily Record

A FORMER serviceman given LSD in secret service mind control experiments said yesterday he did not want compensation.

George Logan Marr, 74, was traced after the Daily Record revealed lawyers representing other men given the drug were searching for him.

Three other men had won a token £10,000 payout between them from MI6 and the legal team said they could pursue George's case too.

But last night, he said he was unlikely to pursue a claim after volunteering to be a "guinea pig" in the 1950s at the government research base at Porton Down.

The former RAF radar operator said: "I was a volunteer. I signed up for it. No one told me what I was taking and I didn't ask."

The men were given the hallucinogen by scientists searching for a truth drug to use on the enemy.


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