Saturday, April 15, 2006

Drug crime punishments may get harsher, says MOJ

Taiwan Headlines

Vice Justice Minister Lee Chin-yung said on Monday that the ministry will study whether to increase the punishments for drug-related crimes.

Lee made the remarks while making a report at the Judicial Committee of the Legislative Yuan.

Legislators Wu Ping-jui and Kuo Jung-tzung of the Democratic Progressive Party claimed that rampant drug abuse has been the major cause of deteriorating social order.

They noted that some of what they described as the "milder" forms of drugs, such as ketamine and FM2, are easily accessible and said the government should revise the law to step up regulations on such drugs.

According to Lee, such drugs, which he described as less likely to be addictive and the use of which he claimed carries no criminal responsibility, constitute a loophole in the law that should be closed as soon as possible.

The DPP legislators also asked the Ministry of Justice to study whether to increase the punishments for drug trafficking.

Meanwhile, PMMA, a new kind of ecstasy that is popular in Europe and the United States, has made inroads into Taiwan, a doctor at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, reported on Monday.

Dr. Yang Cheng-chang noted that recently a group of junior high school dropouts took part in a house party in Keelung, northern Taiwan, where two of them developed the symptoms of intoxication after consuming two PMMA tablets. One died on the spot and the other was rushed to the hospital.

The 16-year-old boy was in coma when he arrived at the hospital and could not be resuscitated.

Yang said the toxicity of PMMA is several times stronger than the average ecstasy available in Taiwan and could easily lead to death. He urged the government to list PMMA at the same level as ecstasy so that it can be more strictly regulated.


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