Friday, December 01, 2006

Marijuana fan wants to roll the biggest joint


Los Angeles - A medical marijuana user plans to see in the new year on an all-time high - by rolling the world's biggest joint.

Los Angeles resident Brett Stone said he aims to usher in 2007 by rolling a 91cm cigarette using around 112 grams of marijuana.

Stone said he was inspired to try for a record after learning that the previous biggest joint was made with 100 grams.

"I thought the world's largest joint would have been a lot larger," said Stone, 48.

Medical marijuana use has been legal in California since 1996, when voters passed a law allowing the drug to be used as a pain reliever.

Stone said he would be careful to ensure that his record attempt would remain legal, indicating that the joint would be smoked in a local medical marijuana collective.

"We're probably going to do it as a fundraiser," he said. "And the mayor and police chief would be most welcome if they have a doctor's note to consume cannabis."

Stone said he plans to roll an even bigger joint to mark the US football final at the Super Bowl next February - and has asked companies if they can provide custom made rolling papers to help the attempt.

"I think a metre would be a good, smokeable size joint," Stone said. "I'm not looking to make a torpedo... I'm looking to make a smokeable joint."


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On the 5th of February 1987 I rolled a 12 Metre Joint using 1kg of cannabis as a protest over the repressive cannabis laws in Western Australia. At that time the America's Cup Yacht Race was in town so I built a wooden replica yacht, my Trojon horse,and with the joint inside and dressed in military cloth from head to toe I rolled it passed the cops onto a oceanside park. I staked the joint out and lowered the sails revealing my challenge. The event was filmed and you can see it on YouTube, 12 Metre Joint or Google the slideshow, The Story of Paul Pot and the 12 Metre Joint. FREE THE WEED. Paul Pot

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